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Delaware Academy Of Public Safety and Security

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Read 180 3A/3B

Hi, there! My name is Mrs. Monsen and I am one of the special education teachers here at the Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security.  I currently teach two sections of Read 180, which is a reading enrichment program designed to increase the literacy and writing skills of our cadets.
READ 180 Course Description:
The READ 180 program is a Scholastic reading intervention program.  The program uses differentiated and direct instruction, adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and focuses on comprehension, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.  It is an intensive reading intervention program that has been proven effective for those students needing additional reading support.
READ 180 Syllabus:

Units and concepts taught throughout the course of the year include:


Reading skills and strategies

  • Finding Main ideas and details
  • Sequence of events
  • Story elements
  • Summarizing
  • Problem and Solution
  • Cause and Effect
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Making inferences


Writing skills


  • Expository Paragraphs
  • Narrative Paragraphs
  • Literature Responses
  • Expository Summaries
  • Persuasive Paragraphs
  • Description Paragraphs
  • Personal Narratives


Classroom Setup: In this classroom, the READ 180 instructional model will be utilized to maximize cadets' potential.  There will be 3 time blocks with 3 rotations built into the instructional time. The following is an example of how a typical day in this classroom will look:


Whole Group –Direct instruction to the group about a specific topic (10 minutes)


ROTATIONS BEGIN (20 Minutes each):

                        Group One – small group, direct instruction based on

                        individual needs

                        Group Two – Read 180 Software – intensive, individualized


                        Group Three – Reading/Writing skills practice (Sustained,

                        Silent reading)


Whole group wrap-up (10 minutes).


Grading: Grades are based on the Scholastic READ 180 model.  The grade is divided into four parts, all contributing 25% to the overall grade. 


Whole Group Work (25% of grade) – These activities include bellwork, daily participation points, whole group rBook activities, any class projects, and participating in outside reading activities.


Small Group Work (25% of grade) – This grade also consists of rBook activities, but it also includes written essays, individual instruction in weakness areas, Writer’s Notebook entries, rskills tests, and any small group projects.


Scholastic READ 180 Software (25% of grade) - This grade consists of all activity on the instructional software which is at the heart of READ 180.  This computer program individualizes instruction for each student who signs in.  This is an integral part of the program.  This grade also includes the student’s oral fluency grade.


Independent/Modeled Reading (25% of grade) – This grade consists of self motivation and self checks. This includes a daily reading log which must include the date, pages read, and a response to that day’s reading.