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Delaware Academy Of Public Safety and Security

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Public Safety II

Public Safety II
Law Enforcement / Dispatch
10th Grade

Criminal Justice
Overview of Law Enforcement Careers
Criminal Justice in America
Law Enforcement
The Courts
Juvenile Justice
Current Issues and Policy
Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic
     +  Crime Scene Preservation
     +  Crime Scene & Eyewitness Basics
     +  Physical & Trace Evidence
     +  Impression Evidence
     +  Hairs & Fibers
     +  DNA Evidence
     +  Blood Evidence
     +  Forensic Entomology
     +  Forensic Anthropology
     +  Arson Investigation
     +  Accident Reconstruction
Homeland Security
Overview of Dispatch centers and career options
Communication (10 code v's plain language)
How a call is processed
Overview Emergency Medical Dispatch
Pre-arrival Instructions
Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement 
800 MHz Radio Training
Telecomunicator 1