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Delaware Academy Of Public Safety and Security

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Admissions FAQ

What is a charter school?
A charter school is a public school that is operated independently by a group of community members.  They are held to the same academic standards as other public schools but they create their own mission and programs.  They are authorized by the department of education or by specific school districts.
How much does it cost to attend DAPSS?
Because DAPSS is a public charter school, there is no cost to attend.
What sets DAPSS apart from other high schools?
DAPSS is a school that is focused not only on academic excellence but on preparing cadets for future careers in public safety or the military.  Our staff consists of former fire fighters, police officers, emergency medical responders/technicians, and military personnel.  Our cadets are not only receiving a rigorous academic education, they have the added bonus of learning from instructors with first hand public safety knowledge and experience. 
My child doesn't want to be a police officer/fire fighter/EMT.  Should they still attend DAPSS? 
Yes!  Though we are excited to help prepare the next generation of public safety personnel, we understand that those careers are not for every cadet.  In addition to rigorous academic courses offered, the required public safety courses help set our cadets apart when applying for college or careers after high school.  In addition, our cadets learn skills in their public safety courses that easily transfer to real life such as CPR, first aid, and fire safety.
What information is taught in the public safety classes?
DAPSS offers a public safety course in each of the 4 years of high school.
  • Public Safety I is an overview of public safety careers and where our cadets become certified in CPR. 
  • Public Safety II includes information on the criminal justice system and the career field of law enforcement. 
  • Public safety III focuses on firefighting including many special events through Delaware's Fire School. 
  • Public Safety IV is taken senior year and is either an EMT or EMR course.  Certification is available through this class and cadets will be allowed to complete several "ride alongs" with an ambulance crew.
How do I apply?
Please see our application page here.
If I missed the application deadline, can I still apply?
Yes!  Though the deadline for school choice was January 13th, DAPSS is still taking applications for all grade levels.
How will my child get to and from DAPSS?
DAPSS provides bus transportation for its cadets.  Your cadet may also drive or walk to the academy.
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