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Delaware Academy Of Public Safety and Security

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Commissioner's Message

Dear Cadets and Parents:


Welcome to the Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security.


The Cadet Handbook is designed to provide you with information about the policies and regulations that will govern cadet life at DAPSS. All cadets and parents should review this book carefully and keep it for reference throughout the year.


DAPSS has a mission focused both on college readiness and career preparation in the areas of first responders. As a college preparatory academy with a career focus, DAPSS will open up a world of opportunities for cadets while developing and expanding both their individual knowledge and personal skill sets.


DAPSS cadets will represent discipline, honor and structure. Our core values of Fidelity to Others, Diligence to Succeed, and Scholarship in the Classroom serve to help all cadets succeed both now and in the future.


Thank you for selecting DAPSS. It is important for our success that our entire community embraces a willingness to grow and improve. This document is a guide and all are encouraged to bring forward their questions or concerns as they arise. I know DAPSS 2017-18 will be an outstanding year!


Herb Sheldon

Head of School