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TacOps Reference

Reference Documents:
The Tactical Operations Command is governed by procedures and policies found in the Memorandum of Understanding and the TacOps reference pages. The updated versions of these documents are listed to the right. Cadets and parents/guardians should know and be familiar with all the aspects of the unit's operation and governance that are identified in these documents.
Cadet Major (c/MAJ)
Cadet Captain (c/CPT)
Cadet Lieutenant (c/LT)
Cadet Master Sergeant (c/MSgt)
Cadet Staff Sergeant (cSSgt)
Cadet Sergeant (c/Sgt)
Cadet Corporal (c/Cpl)
Cadet Lance Corporal (c/LCpl)
Cadet Trooper First Class (c/TFC)
Cadet Trooper (c/Trpr)