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Delaware Academy Of Public Safety and Security

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Tactical Operations Command

The Tactical Operations Command is the premiere unit for DAPSS, providing a hybrid of military training, discipline, and excellence combined with the same traits of the fire, police, and other public security services. Cadets in this unit serve as the face of the academy, acting as ambassadors to the community, showing the best that DAPSS cadets are in a variety of environments and public venues. TacOps is designed to offer a variety of training, leadership, and unique opportunities and experiences to those cadets who are highly motivated, dedicated, and committed to this academy and its values.
This unit is competitive and selective. Cadets must be nominated, apply, and complete a lengthy application process before being accepted into the unit. Community service is a central component, and devotion to volunteer work both during and outside of the normal school schedule is necessary. Physical discipline, in addition to the discipline policy and procedures of DAPSS, is used within this unit to foster attention to detail, strengthening of the mind and body of cadets, as well as building personal excellence and unit cohesion.

TacOps cadets are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities and experiences not always afforded to all DAPSS cadets. Experiences in the past have included many events with Special Olympics Delaware (providing security and volunteering), full-scale bus and motor vehicle accident drills, active shooter drills, personal discussions and visits from our public safety partners, trips and visits to various public safety facilities and DelTech's fire lab, expos and conferences, unit team building events, and more.

Please email David.Wainwright@dapss.k12.de.us with event information, date and time needs, number of cadets requested, and possible roles/jobs during the event.