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Delaware Academy Of Public Safety and Security

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News and Announcements

Former DAPSS Graduate Successfully Completes U.S. Coast Guard Boot Camp

The Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security would like to congratulate Class of 2017, Cadet Thomas P. Carpenter, for his successful completion of the United States Coast Guard Boot Camp located in Cape May N.J. on Friday, January 5th 2018. After eight grueling weeks, Fireman Carpenter and approximately 100 other USCG Recruits are now ready to move forward with their Coast Guard careers. FN Carpenter has been assigned to the USCG yard located in Baltimore, Maryland. The Academy is extremely proud of FN Carpenter’s accomplishments and would like to recognize and thank him for his service. Semper Paratus FN Carpenter!
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Academy Holds First Blood Drive

On Monday, December 11th 2017 Mr. Crumpton’s Public Safety IV Advanced Class (EMT) sponsored the Academy’s first ever blood drive in conjunction with the Blood Bank of Delmarva. Cadets, staff members and community members were able to donate blood to this organization during the regular school day. Many of the Public Safety IV students participated by assisting with the taking of vital signs before and after blood donations were given. The Academy’s Cadet Council also participated by helping with the event. Overall, approximately 30 Units of donated blood were collected for the Blood Bank of Delmarva. The Academy would like to commend Mr. Crumpton’s Public Safety IV Class, the Cadet Council and all of the students, staff members, public safety personnel and civilians who donated. Please click on the headline for pictures.
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Lockdown Drill

DAPSS Parents:
On Friday, December 8th between 09:14 AM and 09:19 AM, the Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security conducted an annually required Lockdown/Intruder Drill. Drills of this nature are required twice during the calendar school year and are usually conducted once each semester. These drills enable our staff and cadets to practice and prepare for violent encounter situations that may occur within the school during the course of a normal school day. At no time was a threat ever present at the Academy and the drill was successfully completed without incident. If you have any questions or concerns regarding today’s event please feel free to contact Mr. David Wainwright, Director of Public Safety at (302)322-6050 or wainwright@dapss.k12.de.us.
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Field Trip to Pennsylvania State Police Academy

On Friday, November 17th 2017 cadets from Mr. Fletcher’s Public Safety II Classes attended a field trip at the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Academy located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The cadets took an expanded tour of the facility and interacted with PSP Troopers and PSP Trooper Cadets. Cadets also viewed and participated in presentations and scenarios directed by PSP Instructors. While touring the Academy, cadets saw exhibits and demonstrations by the PSP SWAT Team, the PSP firing range instructors, the PSP Mounted Unit, the PSP DUI Enforcement Unit and the PSP Aviation Unit.
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DAPSS Public Safety Instructors Jump Into Action

The Academy would like to recognize Public Safety 3 and Public Safety 4 Instructors, Dawn Duckett and Bomani Crumpton, for their actions on Friday, November 17th 2017. Mr. Crumpton and Ms. Duckett were traveling to the Academy at approximately 5:30 PM to chaperone the Home Coming Dance when they came upon a serious pedestrian motor vehicle accident located on N. DuPont Highway.

Mr. Crumpton and Ms. Duckett immediately jumped into action, accessing the scene and determining that the pedestrian victim was in need of serious medical attention. Ms. Duckett and Mr. Crumpton began advanced lifesaving, first aid as well as cardio pulmonary resuscitation. Upon arrival of Emergency Medical Services and the Delaware State Police, the victim was eventually transported to Christiana Hospital for evaluation and treatment.

The pedestrian victim survived the incident as a result of the actions of Ms. Duckett and Mr. Crumpton. Their fast thinking and willingness to provide aid and assistance saved the life of another human being. The Academy would like to commend Mr. Crumpton and Ms. Duckett for their actions and efforts. Their selflessness and willingness to help others is a true example for all of us to follow. Thank you Mr. Crumpton and Ms. Duckett for your service and your actions.
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